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American Flag on Cars
The Joplin community is important to the team at Roper Honda, and we love supporting our local restaurants and businesses. It doesn’t matter if we’re grabbing a slice of cheesecake at the Red Onion Café, trying on a new pair of shoes at Runaround, or satisfying our sweet tooth at Candy House Gourmet: we know spending in our community makes it stronger.

Unfortunately, we can’t satisfy our urge to buy local when it comes to a new vehicle since there aren’t any auto factories near Joplin. But did you know you can support American manufacturing by…

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Drive-Thru Christmas Light Displays Near Springfield, MO

Christmas Lights in Springfield, MO
This holiday season will look unlike any other in recent history. But just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean Christmastime has to be void of that traditional sense of glee! You and your family can still safely celebrate the holidays by visiting a drive-thru Christmas light show or display. In fact, you all deserve it.

So, grab some blankets, pour a thermos of hot chocolate, and hop in your Honda to check out our 6 favorite local Christmas events around Joplin.
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2021 Honda Pilot vs. 2021 Hyundai Palisade

Honda Pilot vs Hyundai Palisade

Like many things, life comes down to choices. Mayo vs. Miracle Whip? Limes vs. lemons? Patchouli vs. an aroma that actually smells pleasant? This is certainly the case when discussing large SUVs like the new Honda Pilot and Hyundai Palisade. Both “H. P.” models seat up to 8 riders, offer enough room in each of their three rows, and have excellent safety ratings. But when you get alllll the way down to the nitty-gritty, you begin seeing some stark differences between the Pilot and Palisade.

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How to Clean Silly String Off Your Car

You wake up in the morning after dressing like P. Diddy for Halloween. With a cup of coffee in hand, you draw back the shades and see that the unthinkable has happened: Your brand-new blue CR-V is covered in Silly String – goopy, gloppy, goofy string. You do a spit-take with your java, raise your fist in the air and shout, “Curse you kids!”

But is it just a playful Halloween prank, or can Silly String really damage your car, forcing you to shell out Benjamins for auto body repairs?

How to clean silly string

The simple answer is: Yes, dried Silly String has the potential…

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2021 Honda Odyssey: Way More Than Just a Household Name

What’s in a name? That which we call a Honda Odyssey by any other name would smell as sweet.

We don’t want to call Shakespeare a liar, but we’re calling him a liar. Names do matter; they incite excitement, they set bars, tones and expectations.

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Sure, Honda could have called its Odyssey the “Honda Minivan,” but a nameplate of such simplicity doesn’t carry the same iconic weight. Because when you hear the word “Odyssey,” your adventure-yearning imagination begins working overtime, picturing backdrops of landscapes long forgotten and many a fork in the road.

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Where to See July 4th Fireworks Near Joplin (Updated 2020)

Fourth of July fireworks won’t be like normal in 2020, that’s for sure. With COVID-19 forcing nearly all Independence Day events to be canceled across the country, you may want to forego your typical holiday tradition this year.

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Wait – what are we saying? As Americans, it’s our obligation to celebrate July 4th, even if it will look and feel a whole lot different. Here’s how to take part in summer’s first hurrah in the Joplin, MO, area.

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Honda's Power Tailgates Offer Top-Notch Convenience

Honda SUVs are well known for providing excellent cargo space - anywhere from 75 to 150 cubic feet of it, in fact, depending upon the model and trim. Thanks to Honda's power liftgate, loading and unloading cargo gets a whole lot easier as well. Available on new 2020 CR-V, Pilot, and Passport models, as well as the Odyssey minivan, the power tailgate provides convenience and flexibility. If you are trying to decide on a model with a power tailgate, here's what you need to know.

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It’s Here! The All-New Honda CR-V Hybrid Is Now in Stock

How do you improve upon an enduring classic like the Honda CR-V? Make it a hybrid! The all-new 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid is the best of gas-meets-electric. Road trips won’t require frequent stops at gas stations, or worse, trying to find an electric charging station. Here are a few details about why you're going to love the Honda CR-V Hybrid.

600 × 357

The Honda CR-V, now in Hybrid form…

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How to Create an Easter Egg Hunt at Home

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In 2020, Easter falls on Sunday, April 12th. If you have young kids at home or just love Easter, then you're looking forward to all the fun activities from Easter egg hunts to spring parties. Of course, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, most of these egg hunts have been postponed or even canceled for the safety of the Joplin community, our kids and older people.

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