It's been three years. You know what that means? Time to visit a Honda dealer near you to turn in your leased CR-V, Accord, or whatever Honda model you've called family for the last 36 months. Sad, we know. But there are plenty of opportunities to continue your Honda journey!

So, gather your Honda key fobs, check that the owner's manual is in the glove compartment, and ensure all stock items (spare tires, headrests, etc.) are in their rightful place. Here are your Honda vehicle lease-end options:

Option #1 - Return & Lease a New Honda

The most convenient and simple way to end your lease is to return your Honda and lease a new one. Be sure to coordinate with Honda Financial Services and your chosen Honda dealer to go over the inspection process, schedule a turn-in date, and get more info about any current Honda lease offers near you.

Re-leasing at your Honda dealership also enables you to take full advantage of your Honda Leadership Lease's wonderful Excessive Wear-and-Use/Damage Waiver. If you simply return your lease and walk away, this waiver covers up to $500 in wear-and-use damage; however, as a loyal Honda lessee, that waiver amount equals $1,000! Speak with your Honda Financial Services rep for additional information.

Option #2 - Return & Walk Away

When your Honda lease matures, you can simply return the vehicle to your Honda dealership without re-leasing or purchasing another vehicle. Simply schedule your free Honda inspection within the final two months of your lease, make an appointment to return your Honda, and walk away.

You will be responsible for any outstanding payments, excessive wear-and-use fees, excess miles, and lease-end charges, which will include a disposition fee. The disposition fee covers the Honda dealer's costs to recondition, clean, and put the vehicle back on the market as a used or certified pre-owned Honda for sale near you.

Option #3 - Return & Buy a Vehicle

You can also return your Honda lease-you'll still be required to pay disposition and other fees-and purchase another vehicle, Honda or otherwise. This includes all new Honda models, used Honda cars, and any other pre-owned vehicle. This is a great option if you figure out that the lessee life isn't for you, and you'd rather build equity in a vehicle.

With Roper Honda's Buy Your Way program, it's even easier to purchase a new Honda or used car! Learn more by speaking with a salesperson at our Joplin car dealership.

Option #4 - Purchase Your Leased Vehicle

Buying your leased Honda is an excellent way to continue being a Honda loyalist without having to re-lease. Your lease buyout amount was set when you originally leased your vehicle and can be found on your lease contract (sometimes listed as "residual value" or "purchase option price"). In many cases, the buyout price is comparable or even lower than the vehicle's market price-which is a testament to Honda's reliability and long-term value.

Option #5 - Extend Your Lease

If you'd like more time with your Honda, or if you're waiting for a new Honda model to become available, you may be able to extend your lease for one or more months at the same payment. Extending your Honda lease can be done by contacting Honda Financial Services or speaking with your Honda dealer. 

Option #6 - Go on the Lam

Just kidding. Don't do this. It's illegal, unethical, and costly to skip out on your Honda lease return. If you need more time to get your finances and transportation in order, Honda Financial Services or your Honda dealer can help. Your Honda lease terms can be extended-but only if you ask in advance, as once you go Bonnie-and-Clyde with your vehicle, that option is off the table. 

Return Your Lease to Roper Honda

No matter which Honda dealership you originally leased your Honda, we'll take it when the lease ends, (almost) no questions asked. Contact Roper Honda in Joplin at (417) 625-0800 to schedule an appointment to turn in your vehicle or learn more about the entire lease-end process. As a trusted car dealer near Springfield, Roper Honda serves the regions around Jasper and Newton Counties, including Neosho and Joplin, MO; Rogers, AR; Pittsburg, KS; and Miami, OK.