Are Your Brakes Starting to Make an Unsettling Sound? Have Them Serviced or Replaced at Roper Honda in Joplin, MO

While most people first think about airbags or seat belts, the fact is that your brakes are the single most important safety feature in your car. That's why it's important to have them inspected by a highly-skilled and certified technician like the ones we have in our service center.  Your car will give you clues as to when your brakes are beginning to wear or fail.  These include the vehicle taking longer to stop that it normally does, a soft or lower than normal brake pedal, a shaky steering wheel while braking, or unusual noises while braking.  Any of these signs along with the car's brake system warning light are a signal that you should immediately schedule service or an inspection with the folks at our Joplin Honda service center.

Before we work to keep your brakes in excellent working condition, we'll give you a quote so that you'll be aware of exactly what the service will cost, and what work needs to be done.  Whether you purchased your vehicle through us or from a different dealership, we'll give you our best service and price.  We treat new customers like family.  We also offer a number of online parts specials and service specials to help make maintaining your vehicle as affordable as possible.  For a complete brake inspection and estimate, call, visit, or contact us at Roper Honda today.

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Our Trustworthy Team of Certified Honda Technicians are Ready to Service Your Brakes

At Roper Honda, we take enormous pride in the team of certified technicians in our service center.  Our team has years of experience fixing every part of nearly all makes and models on the road today.  While every working part of your vehicle is important to keep in good condition, few parts are as important as components of your brake system.  Whether you need to replace or repair your brake pads, rotors, calipers, fluids, or just require a simple inspection, we'll have your vehicle serviced quickly and professionally for a competitive price.

We've earned the trust of the Joplin community and many lifetime customers through the excellent work we provide in our Honda service center.  For the best customer service, we encourage our drivers to contact us and have their brake work or inspection scheduled ahead of time.  This will let our team get to your vehicle as soon as you arrive and minimize wait times.  Call today!  For more information about any of the services or vehicles you find on our website, visit Roper Honda.  We can't wait to greet you at our Joplin, MO dealership.