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The Dangerous Pitfalls of DIY Auto Repairs

DIY Auto Repairs Problems
“To DIY or not to DIY, that is the question.”

Ever since the days of the Model T, car owners have been tinkering with their vehicles. From relatively simple tasks like changing the oil and installing new spark plugs to more complex jobs like replacing brake pads or even undertaking complete engine rebuilds, DIY backyard mechanics have reveled in getting under the hood and fixing things themselves.

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Honda Maintenance Minder™: Codes & FAQ

Honda Maintenance Minderâ„¢
The golden wrench lights up on your Civic’s dashboard. You begin to sweat bullets. An expensive trip to your Joplin mechanic seems to be in your future.

We’re here to tell you that this seemingly bad dashboard warning light in your Civic is actually your friend, and its name is Honda Maintenance Minder! When you start seeing those car dashboard symbols, that’s just your vehicle's way of telling you that it needs some TLC—and not necessarily from an auto service technician, either. In fact, several Honda car light symbols and dashboard signs can be solved…

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How to Steer Clear of Potholes

Pothole Full of WaterEveryone thinks their city or state has the worst potholes. But Missouri (and its 34,000 miles of roadways) actually does have the worst potholes in the country, according to a recent study per Springfield News-Leader. Decades of underfunding and lackadaisical pothole repair planning have exacerbated the issue—an issue which plagues much of the Midwest, not just Missouri, mind you—and drivers are feeling a wallet-sized twinge of pain at the tire shop as a result.
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