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The Dangerous Pitfalls of DIY Auto Repairs

DIY Auto Repairs Problems
“To DIY or not to DIY, that is the question.”

Ever since the days of the Model T, car owners have been tinkering with their vehicles. From relatively simple tasks like changing the oil and installing new spark plugs to more complex jobs like replacing brake pads or even undertaking complete engine rebuilds, DIY backyard mechanics have reveled in getting under the hood and fixing things themselves.

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How to Steer Clear of Potholes

Pothole Full of WaterEveryone thinks their city or state has the worst potholes. But Missouri (and its 34,000 miles of roadways) actually does have the worst potholes in the country, according to a recent study per Springfield News-Leader. Decades of underfunding and lackadaisical pothole repair planning have exacerbated the issue—an issue which plagues much of the Midwest, not just Missouri, mind you—and drivers are feeling a wallet-sized twinge of pain at the tire shop as a result.
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How We’d Spend $1 Million Lottery Winnings on a Honda


We’ll get to how we’d spend our winnings on a new Honda in a second, but first, there’s important business to attend to. If you’re one of the two lottery winners in Joplin or Oronogo who hasn’t claimed their $1 million prize, head to to become Missouri’s newest millionaire. Now, onto your regularly scheduled programming.


If you haven’t heard, Jasper County made headlines recently after two locals each won $1 million playing the Missouri Lottery. First, a mysterious player at Joplin’s Snak-Atak won the Powerball drawing on October 10…

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10 Unique Ways to Customize Your Honda

You just bought a new Honda and you want to style it to match your personality. Or perhaps you have an old, reliable Honda—in our experience, they last nearly foreverin need of a facelift. Either way, these Honda accessories and car-customizing ideas will really make your vehicle stand out in a crowd.

600 × 308
Honda Ridgeline with accessory In-Bed Cargo Net.

1. Customize your steering wheel logo.

Bedazzle or add color to the Honda "H" on your steering wheel. Whether you add rhinestones, color vinyl stickers, or replace the standard logo with a new one, it's sure to make…

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