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2019 Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla Comparison

In the new Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, we have two cars that consumers are frequently conflicted over. Not only do the two cars fit into the same category, but they also share many of the same features and handle similarly. The fact is, both sedans are extremely nice vehicles, which makes choosing one over the other quite difficult. The good news is that there are some differences between the Civic and Corolla that may sway you to become a Honda fanatic.


Civic vs. Corolla: Power

You don't want to ever find yourself in a position where your vehicle…

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How We’d Spend $1 Million Lottery Winnings on a Honda


We’ll get to how we’d spend our winnings on a new Honda in a second, but first, there’s important business to attend to. If you’re one of the two lottery winners in Joplin or Oronogo who hasn’t claimed their $1 million prize, head to to become Missouri’s newest millionaire. Now, onto your regularly scheduled programming.


If you haven’t heard, Jasper County made headlines recently after two locals each won $1 million playing the Missouri Lottery. First, a mysterious player at Joplin’s Snak-Atak won the Powerball drawing on October 10…

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Is Honda’s Smart Intersection Technology the Wave of the Future?

Recently, at a busy four-way intersection in Marysville, Ohio, a special Honda Pilot (and its lucky driver) tested out Honda’s newest safety initiative: the aptly named “Smart Intersection” technology. The tech passed with flying colors—that is, flashing reds and whites from the Marysville ambulance barreling down Main Street.

But what exactly is Honda Smart Intersection, you ask? (And why should you care?)

640 × 407


Smart Intersection Explained…

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The 2018 Honda Accord: Updates, News & Release Date

While the mid-size sedan market has cooled off in recent years as automakers battle to build the newest, hottest crossover SUV, Honda has continued to do what it does best: Innovate. Now in its 10th iconic generation, the newly redesigned Honda Accord is setting its sights on reclaiming the “family car” market from small SUVs and all other rivals. Have you found yourself asking, "When is the 2018 Accord coming out?"  If so, read…

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