Don't Let a Bad Road Trip Happen

You shouldn’t have to endure a bad road trip. They do happen to us though at unexpected times. Situations arise that are out of our control. Did you do everything possible to prepare for those bad situations? That's a question you might ask yourself before you walk out the door. There needs to be a minimum amount of preparation for every road trip.

You need to pack extra food and water. You can update your emergency kit. You can check your spare tire to make sure it's not low. You can fill your fluids. You can get your oil changed. You should also fill up your vehicle’s tank with gas.

You can visit our service center at Roper Honda in Joplin, MO, to get a pre-road trip check-up. It's a great way to leave toward your destination with a finely tuned car. We can check the tread and air in your tires. This way you have reliable tires and aren't stressed about blowouts along your travels. We'll warn you of any potential issues. This is a fine way to help prevent a bad road trip from occurring.

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