Wash Bucket Versus Rust Bucket

Washing your car is generally a rather pleasant thing to do. Some people feel that it interferes with their daily tasks, but actually, it should be considered a weekly pleasure. For, when you wash your car, you are helping to preserve the resale value of your vehicle, and you are taking pride in the investment you have made. If you do not regularly wash your car, it has the potential to develop rust over time. Bird droppings, sap, and mold can stain and eat through your paint, and can eventually even do harm to the undercarriage of your car. It is a widely perceived that frequently washed vehicles have a higher resale value than cars left dirty for long periods of time.

A gentle soap and some water and a couple of clothes are all it takes to wash your car. A washed, clean car, can attract admiration. An unwashed car does the opposite. See us at Roper Honda in Joplin, MO, for tips on washing your particular vehicle.

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