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A Look at the 2017 Honda Accord vs. the Toyota Camry

As two of the best-selling cars on the market, the 2017 Accord and Camry deserve lots of credit for the recent surge in sedan sales. Having wrestled away the spotlight from crossovers, both of these midsize cars are now battling each other for the right to be named the best of the best. In this Accord vs. Camry comparison, we’ll figure out which of these sedans is a breakout star, and which is a second-place finisher.

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The 2017 Accord. Photo: automobiles.honda.com

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Don't Let a Bad Road Trip Happen

You shouldn’t have to endure a bad road trip. They do happen to us though at unexpected times. Situations arise that are out of our control. Did you do everything possible to prepare for those bad situations? That's a question you might ask yourself before you walk out the door. There needs to be a minimum amount of preparation for every road trip...

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Wash Bucket Versus Rust Bucket

Washing your car is generally a rather pleasant thing to do. Some people feel that it interferes with their daily tasks, but actually, it should be considered a weekly pleasure. For, when you wash your car, you are helping to preserve the resale value of your vehicle, and you are taking pride in the investment you have made. If you do not regularly wash your car, it has the potential to develop rust over time. Bird droppings, sap, and mold can stain and eat through your paint, and can eventually even do harm to the undercarriage of your car...

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Competitors Beware: The 2017 Honda CR-V is Here to Stay

At Roper Honda, we’re naturally drawn to anything “Honda,” so it may not be a shock that we’re smitten with the newest 2017 CR-V. That said, our love for this superb SUV is justified. Redesigned and reinvigorated with life, the 2017 Honda CR-V is more than just a charming crossover—it’s a revelation. With more space, features, and style than the previous model, Honda’s CR-V has broken out of its shell and is in prime position to dominate the market for the foreseeable future.

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What’s New with the 2017 CR-V?

With its redesign, of course…

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